Accessories: Mechanical synchronization made easy

Individual lifting elements can already achieve a lot. It gets more complex when a screw jack is no longer sufficient. With the right accessories, the lifting elements can be driven in combination without the need for complex control.

3 reasons why our accessories are perfect for your project:

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    Flexibility in lifting systems
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    Minimal control effort
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    Minimal assembly effort
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Customers from all over the world trust our accessories

The accessories we provide

✔ Elastic universal joint shafts
✔ Cardan shafts
✔ Connecting shafts
✔ Support bearings
✔ Motor cones for motor mounting
✔ Three-phase standard motors
✔ Torsional flexible couplings


Unbeatable Advantages of our Accessories

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Low Operating Costs

Connecting shafts, couplings, bevel gearboxes, etc., all enable individual adaptation to the conditions on site. Are you planning a lifting system in a finished building with columns, offsets, steps on the floor? No problem - with the plant accessories, you can redirect torque by 90°, compensate for offset irregularities, or simply use longer or shorter connecting shafts.

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Absolute Control and Synchronization

A single encoder is sufficient to control an entire lifting system that is mechanically coupled together. Other expensive control elements also no longer need to be installed more than once. The mechanical coupling through connecting shafts, couplings, and bevel gearboxes enables extremely precise synchronization of all drives with each other.

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Assembly simplified

All connecting elements can interlock positively through the nut and the fitting key. The assembly process is designed to be extremely straightforward. Once the fixed elements are aligned, it's simply a matter of inserting the connecting elements via plug-and-play and conducting the test run.

In comparison

Comparable accessories

✖ Often only standard solutions are offered

✖ Synchronization requires high control effort

✖ Expensive to purchase

Accessories from GROB

Besides standard solutions, custom solutions are also available

Cost-effective synchronization of uncomplicated parts

Comprehensive range of accessories

Operating instructions

Cardan shafts - operating instruction

Flexible Cardan Shafts

Bevel gear version v - operating instruction

Bevel Gear - Version V

Support bearings operating instruction

Support Bearings


6 m/min

The maximum speed of trapezoidal screw drives is limited by the sliding velocity. If this is too high, the lubricating film tears off.

Both terms describe the ability of a spindle not to "slip" on its own when at a standstill.

Static self-locking refers to a thread angle between 2.4°-4.5°. In standstill, the spindle does not slip on its own, but it might not come to a stop on its own from motion. Dynamic self-locking occurs when there is an additional braking action from the dynamics. The thread angle is then smaller than 2.4°.

A rotation prevention is always necessary. Due to the sliding friction in the thread, the applied load would simply rotate along with it, and there would be no relative motion (linear motion).

The higher the axial force on the thread, the higher the frictional force, as Fr = FN * µ.

Self-locking refers to the "non-slip" behavior of spindle-nut systems without external force. The degree of self-locking is influenced by the material pairing, the pitch angle, and the lubrication.

Pillow block bearings are used in lift systems with mechanical coupling (i.e., connecting shafts). The bearings shorten the free length of the connecting shafts, thereby preventing oscillation at high speeds.

Self-locking is achieved with a pitch angle below 4.5 degrees.

Both types of threads have their merits. Generally, ball screws are used for fast and precise linear movements. Trapezoidal screws are employed when the focus is solely on adjustment or if the operation is more rugged.

When transporting people, DIN EN ISO 17206 applies. This standard for event technology defines the required safety measures, safety devices, and system-relevant shutdowns.

You have several options for achieving this:

  1. Modifying the gear ratio
  2. Modifying the spindle pitch
  3. Adjusting the motor speed

All of these measures are available in many standard configurations from us

Our CAD models are available online through the CAD configurator at CAD Configurator - GROB Antriebstechnik GmbH ( If your product is a custom specification, you will receive a model within 3 working days from the quotation stage.

In our standard range, we adhere to military standards: -20°C to +60°C.

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